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arrow.gif (896 bytes) Available in two models for low and medium throughput drying.
arrow.gif (896 bytes) Closed loop desiccant drying that does not use atmospheric air for drying process, but uses only extremely dry air.
arrow.gif (896 bytes) Dryer vessel on the process machine itself, or as stand alone unit
arrow.gif (896 bytes) A must for any quality moulding, extrusion or any other processing of the Engineering Plastics.
arrow.gif (896 bytes) Guaranteed performance for drying levels to - 400C Dew point.

Here is how our closed loop Mini dryers work with best drying performance through out the years.
Unlike most hot dryers our Mini desiccant bed dryers (DMD) work on closed loop basis. These dryers never take atmospheric air for process - ON condition. Without our DMD your polymers shall be at the mercy of the atmospheric air having RH any where from 50 to 98% depending on geographical condition and the season of the year. The difference will be noticed  when the plastic is being processed by way of production rate, deviating in colour or physical properties. Any engineering plastic processor having inclination towards ISO Certification or towards quality in general just cannot afford to take the risk.

Our DMD eliminate the risk with our closed loop high-tech system. Under regeneration system only when the moisture of the desiccant is to be purged, atmospheric air is taken but at that time process material and the process circuit is completely shut off from the regeneration circuit. During actual drying process only return air is used. This ensures perfect drying by our DMD drying system. This results into constant material with performance results, you can always trust for years and years.

Working Principle
During process the return air is sucked by the vacuum pump through the process filters It is made to pass through desiccant bed to the heaters where the temperature is raised to the set process temp. It is then then forced to the process vessel. During drying only SV! SV@ are open. SV3, SV4 and Sv5 are closed, ensuring completely closed loop. During the regeneration of SV1 and SV2 are closed while SV3,SV$ and SV5 are open. Air drawn from atmosphere is made to pass through H heaters and forced through desiccant bed. Moisture laden air is then purged to the atmosphere. Regeneration is completed quickly and efficiently without effecting the drying process. Desiccant is cooled internally for a period of time on closed loop basis. Drying temperature for the process material is maintained for far more period than the time it takes to regenerate the desiccant.

S t a n d a r d   F e a t u r e s

Insulated hoppers:
Drying hoppers have built in insulation system. this is a standard feature. In effect DMD assures you lot of saving in energy as well as uniformity of the drying temperature.

Added Safety System:
Built in safety systems are provided are provided if the process temperature tends to shoot above the set temperature due to contactor seizing giving alarm and energing the auxiliary safety methods.

Maintenance Ease:
Exclusive single bed desiccant dryer DVD with high tech valve technology is truly maintenance free. generally all that is required to carry out filter cleaning which is made easily accessible and does not require wrenches or spanners for opening, cleaning and fitting back. Bed cartridge replacement takes only ten to fifteen minutes.

Desiccant Beds:
Molecular seives are used as moisture absorbing agents for creating extremely dry air. this extreme dry air has high affinity for the moisture. Hence, when it is circulated through the plastic pellets it leaves the plastic compound in a extreme dry condition.

Molecular seive is synthetically produced crystalline alumino silicate (Zeolite) with highly ordered crystal structure having pores of precisely uniform diameter. the structure permits absorption of molecules having sizes smaller than the pore openings. These structures exhibit spectacular selective absorption and 'seiving effect'  on a molecular scale. the absorption capacity  of molecular seives is due to electrostatics forces between the adsorbent and adsorbate. It is these forces which makes molecular seive unique in maintaining a high adsorption capacity.

"Seimens" high-tech process programmed system controls the major parameters of our Desiccant bed dryers.


Specification / Model



Total KW Rating
(on Max. peak load)
4.5 7.5
No : of Desiccant cartridges 1 1
Maximum Temperature 150C 150C
Motor HP 2 (440 V, 50Hz, AC) 3 (440 V, 50Hz, AC)
Overall dimensions mms (HxWxD) 1300 x 600 x 800 1500 x 800 x 800

Standard insulated drying hoppers available

Select the standard insulated drying hopper to suit your drying time Hopper Capacity in kgs. 10 kgs 15 kgs 30 kgs 50 kgs 60 kgs 120 kgs 165 kgs 195 kgs
Hopper dia in mms 300 300 400 400 585 585 585 585
Hopper height in mms 600 800 800 1000 90 1300 1500 1700


Drying time in hrs Raw Materials Original moisture content % H2O Recommended drying temperature OC DMD 1 DMD 2
1.25 PE Polyethylene   65.90 40 80
1.50 PP Polypropylene   90 35 70
1.50 PS Polystyrene   80 35 70
2.0 SB Polystyrene high impact < 0.4 80 25 50
2.25 PPO Polyphenylene oxide   120 25 50
2.25 PVC Poly Vinylchloride < 0.5 110 25 50
2.25 SAN Styrene Acrylonitrile   80 25 50
2.25 PET Rynite 530 < 0.1 120 25 50
2.25 PET Rynite 545 < 0.04 110 25 50
2.50 PI Polyimide   120 23 46
2.75 CA Cellulose Acetate < 1.0 75 20 40
2.75 PC Polycarbonate < 0.06 120 20 40
2.75 PSU Polysulfone   120 20 40
3.0 CAB Cellulose Acetate Butrate < 1.0 75 18 36
3.0 POM Polyacetal   100 18 36
3.25 ABS Acrylonitile Butadie, Sty   80 170 34
3.25 AN Barex   80 170 34
3.25 PA Polyamide 6.6, 6.6, 10 < 0.1 75.85 17 34
3.25 PUR Polyurethane   90 17 34
3.50 PMMA Polymethyl Methacrylate < 0.1 80 17 34
3.75 PE Polyethylene black < 1.2 50.65 15 30
3.75 PA Polyamide 11, 12 < 1.0 75.85 15 30
4.25 CP Cellulose Propionate < 1.5 70.75 15 30
4.25 PA Polyamide 6.6, 6.6, 10 < 2.0 75.85 15 30
4.25 PETP Polyester, ICI B90 < 0.2 180 15 30
5.25   Inomere
(surlyn A)
  65.70 11 22


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