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-DP enables to achieve a continuous high degree of heat treatment to the plastic materials in the granular form. QH-DP is a compact unit which may be directly mounted over the process machine replacing its hopper and thus saving the valuable floor space. Output from the process machine is improved due to removal of moisture from the granules. Finished product with improved surface finish and less stresses is produced.

-DP ensures constant high quality due to the fact that granules are being treated by hot air just before its entry in the process machine.

-DP has a considerable advantages over the ovens used for the purpose since the hot air is forced through all the granules within the QH-DP container itself. The dry air effectively preheats the granules to the required temperature.

-DP also effectively removes the surface moisture. The built in magnetic separator is highly effective in retaining iron particles and prevent them from entering the process machine.

-DP has a centrifugal blower. The surface heating rods heat up the air to the required temperature. This hot air is circulated in the material. The path is specifically designed in such a way that pellets/granules have to pass through a restricted nozzle & thereby be treated before being passed to the process machine. The uniformity of the temperature throughout the cross-section of the DP is maintained by constant speed of the material   and regular electronic temperature sensing controller. Selector switching system is provided, so that either full;l heating or part heating may be switched on as desired. The internal system is so designed that circular outlets distributes the raw material evenly over the whole cross-section.

-DP is also available with QH-automatic vacuum hopper feeders. the complete system gives automatic material handling, drying, preheating, ensuring a continuous material supply to the process machine. This constant reliable ideal feed of pellets/granules gives higher output from the process machine and the finished goods are the best possible in quality specially with regard to the surface finish.

Schematic arrangement And Principle of Operation :


-DP is suitable for mounting directly over the process machine. The plastic granules are fed into the cover lid(L), these pass through specially constrained space for perfect magnetic scanning and arresting of any iron particles. The pellets/granules thereafter pass to the container (C) which holds the material which is being dried. The constrained spaces at (M) and (N) are so designed that they are distributed evenly over the whole surface and thus making it compulsory for the hot air to be forced evenly on all the material. This ensures that there are no time cold zones in the material and distribution of heat is uniform. Valve 'V' is adjustable valve through which air is drawn in and passed over the stainless steel heating elements. Air while passing through heaters rises in temperature to the required degree. The centrifugal blower (B) forces the hot air through the specially made constrained space (N) to make even contact of the hot air with the plastic pellets which are thus effectively dried and preheated to the set temperature, in the process the moist surplus air is blown out through the air outlet opening (O). The dry and hot pellets, flow through the outlet cone (K) to the processing machine outlet. Vent (V) is adjustable through a single handle to draw in variable amount of fresh air as desired so that only preheating is done or only drying or combination results as desired are achieved.

-DP is not suitable for dry blended granules/pellets.

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