Batching Systems for Powder, Plasticizer & Pellets


Dynamic On-Line accuracy within 0.2% is achieved at each weighment.
Powder hoppers fitted with stirrers, knockers, vibrators depending on the flow
characteristics of ingredients.
Automation on handling of powders, plasticisers & powders.
Some of the plasticisers handled:-
KANATOL-1056         DBP                  ALA-180        DNP
CPW                        DBP OG-11                             BS
EPOXY                     DOP                  TOTM
Number of recipes may be programmed and stored in the system controllers.
Any of the programmed recipes may be made active and run.
Due to the varying properties of the polymers, powders and Plasticisers
the flow characteristics are pre-programmed.
Records of set weights and actual weights may be  printed out according to the
requirement. Data entry may be done direct from any IBM compatible key-board.
Recipes of the weights from each ingredients are programmed and stored in the
controller. Visual digital values  available on the controller at a time are set weight value real time actual weight value and the real time cumulative weight values.


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